Merino Super Chunky Wool

big-oneOne of the newest fads in fashion and one that is gaining a ton of popularity in recent months is the use of merino super chunky wool for clothes, blankets and more. Merino wool is world renowned as being the softest wool you can buy. It’s breathable, odor free features make it the ultimate choice for big comfortable sweaters.

Merino super chunky wool is a bit different than the standard merino wool. The super chunky name is a great description for the wool since, as it sounds, the wool is much thicker than just merino wool. The super chunky wool is very popular bei
ng used in blankets, scarves & cowls.

The super chunky wool variety gets the buyer all of the benefits of merino wool in general with little pilling, super soft feel, no itchiness and longevity.

One of the drawbacks of merino super

chunky wool is that it can be very expensive. The cost is justified because of all of the incredible features that this wool brings to the table, but it can still leave some people surprised. This is why we do our best to provide merino super chunky wool at the lowest prices we can. Please take a look at our Etsy store here and see what kind of merino super chunky wool products we currently have for sale.